Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just believe.

Evening guys.
Or whatever time-appropriate greeting I should be using, I don't know where people read from.

Just thought I'd share a track I heard for the first time yesterday that really everyone should listen to. And I do mean everyone.

Also, as of today I'm (finally) up to date with Homestuck. If you're still unaware, head over to mspaintadventures and check it out - definitely not something that should be missed by anyone with an internet connection.
Keep in mind that it does start out a little silly, but slowly the storyline becomes more defined and incredibly compelling! Give it a look!

That's all for now I guess.


  1. Cool song.. too bad Vevo made me go to youtube to watch it

  2. Great track here. Check out my new blog, puzzledyet.blogspot.com if you haven't already!